Inaugural Saudi Signage Expo draws thousands of attendees on the opening day


Inaugural Saudi Signage Expo draws thousands of attendees on the opening day, as experts emphasize the growing need for innovative signage solutions

  • Busy aisles on Day 1 of the event showcased the increasing need for signage and branding solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Participating companies bring digital displays, advanced printing techniques and interactive signage solutions, among other products & services
  • Speakers at Hala Chats emphasize the crucial role of signage in enhancing visitor experience at the forthcoming Riyadh Expo 2030 and the 2034 FIFA World Cup, hosted in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | 6 March 2024:

The first edition of Saudi Signage Expo was inaugurated by Naif Abdullah Al Rajhi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Riyadh Chamber following a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre (RICEC). In its inaugural year, the event is the largest in the Middle East for the digital, print, graphics and imaging industries and runs until 7 March 2024.

“We are thrilled to open Saudi Signage Expo, facilitating more than 5,000 buyers the chance to meet with exhibitors and procure cutting-edge digital, print, graphics and imaging materials, equipment and services. Busy aisles on Day 1 of the event were a testament to the increasing need for signage solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where companies recognize the role played by signage in enhancing brand visibility, communication effectiveness and overall customer engagement,” said Muhammed Kazi, Vice President – Construction, dmg events.

The event features products and services under six key sectors such as large format printing, signage, graphics, imaging, digital marketing and gifts & promotional materials. The blend of local and international exhibitors provides a veritable platform for business engagements for over 100 exhibitors.

Exhibitors place sustainability at the forefront


There has been a growing emphasis on sustainability in the signage industry, as businesses actively seek methods to mitigate the environmental footprint of their digital displays, printing equipment and other products. This trend is driving the creation of energy-efficient displays and the integration of sustainable materials into the signage industry.

At Saudi Signage Expo HP Inc., one of the founding partners of the event, has taken measures to ensure that its booth adheres to sustainability, safety and international event standards. Emphasizing sustainability, HP prioritizes the utilization of reusable materials to minimize waste. Additionally, the company uses lightweight banners that typically do not necessitate additional support, further aligning with its eco-conscious approach.

Elsewhere on the show floor Alpha Art Gifts is highlighting its sustainable manufacturing practices. The company utilizes felt, a polyester fibre made from recycled PET bottles to craft laptop pouches, felt bags and wallets.


Diversity in product showcase

On the opening day of the event, visitors experienced new products and systems from top suppliers, creating an interactive opportunity between exhibitors and potential buyers to help revolutionize signage operations.

ADS Advertising Materials displayed its Graphtec cutting plotters which are designed to meet the demanding requirements of design professionals in the signage, garment and apparel, reprographics and packaging industries, among other products. Dar Al Oroodh Trading Company brought its high-quality products catering to the needs of the signage, advertising and architecture industries. Desert Sign Trading showcased its exclusive product line consisting of K-JET, DSMG, DS-JET, KoolMark and Axis graphics. Signs Solutions showcased its expertise related to 3D letters manufacturing among other services.

“From state-of-the-art digital displays to advanced printing techniques and interactive signage solutions, the exhibition hall buzzed with excitement, facilitating informed decision-making for buyers and empowering exhibitors to showcase their expertise,” added Kazi.

Hala (هلا) Chats delivers high-value content and insights for attendees

Day 1 of the exclusively curated Hala (هلا) Chats featured experts and specialists from the signage, wayfinding, design and advertising sectors who shared pertinent insights around shaping the wayfinding experience, enhancing local content in signage as well as strategies and techniques to transform the signage industry.

Speaking on one of the panel sessions, Ali Yousif, International Wayfinding Specialist, said: “We are designing information through signage. Which is why when designing signage, we need to consider how they are perceived by people.” Yousif was joined by experts from Riyadh Airports, Red Sea Global and Genius LOCI & GLSW, who collectively agreed that signage solutions will be crucial in creating a seamless and engaging environment for both local and international audiences, as the Kingdom gears up to host Riyadh Expo 2030 and 2034 FIFA World Cup.

Fellow panelist Graeme Erens, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Creative Director, GENIUS LOCI & GLSW said: “Saudi has proven we understand signage. There aren’t as many signage specialists in the region as there are in Saudi Arabia at the moment.”

Days 2 and 3 of Hala (هلا) Chats will delve into the benefits of leveraging AI and new technology in signage and advertising, gaining technical guidance on material selection for superior workmanship, choosing the right printing technology for signage projects as well as designing traffic signs.