HP Showcases Cutting-Edge Technology at Saudi Signage Expo

  • Why is HP participating at the Saudi Signage Expo? What does it mean for the company’s Middle East, particularly Saudi business?

"HP's participation in the Saudi Signage Expo underscores our commitment to the Middle East, especially the Saudi market. It reflects our dedication to being at the forefront of technological advancements in digital printing,  signage and sustainability decor. This event is a platform for us to demonstrate our innovative solutions and how they align with the region's evolving development landscape. It's an opportunity to connect with our customers, understand their needs, and showcase how HP's technologies can help businesses grow."

  • What product segments will HP be promoting at the inaugural event?

"The rapid infrastructure development and technological advancements in Saudi Arabia present a fertile ground for digital market growth. HP plans to tap into these new opportunities by offering cutting-edge printing solutions that cater to the unique demands of the Saudi market. Our approach combines innovation with an understanding of local business needs, ensuring that our solutions are not just technologically advanced but also relevant , sustainable and practical for our customers."

  • How is HP capitalizing on the emerging opportunities stemming from Saudi Arabia's rapid growth in various industries like retail, healthcare, hospitality, commercial ventures, infrastructure, and entertainment?

Our strategy involves providing tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and creativity in these industries. By offering cutting-edge technology and localized support, HP is well-positioned to assist businesses in these sectors to achieve their digital transformation goals."

  • HP also launched its new HQ in Riyadh earlier this year. How does the move help drive continued growth within the HPE portfolio and how would you associate it with your participation in Saudi Signage Expo – technically after a year of opening the HQ?

"The launch of our new headquarters in Riyadh earlier this year is a testament to HP's long-term commitment to the Saudi market. It has enabled us to be closer to our customers and understand their needs better. This move is instrumental in driving growth within our HP portfolio. Our participation in the Saudi Signage Expo, a year after opening our HQ, highlights the synergy between our local presence and our ability to deliver innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of the Saudi market."

  • What can interior designers, architects, marketing & advertising companies expect to see when they visit HP at the event?

"Interior designers, architects, marketing, and advertising companies visiting HP at the Saudi Signage Expo can expect to see a showcase of innovative solutions that blend creativity with technology. Our display will include cutting-edge printers and technologies designed to push the boundaries of design, advertising, and branding. Attendees will discover new ways to bring their creative visions to life, with a focus on versatility, quality, and sustainability."